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The basic idea behind technology migration is to bring current systems and processes up to date with the latest trends and to rejuvenate them so that they will meet up to the challenges of an ever evolving world.

Technology Migration is sought whenever there is a need for

. Increased productivity through deployment of latest /improved technologies
. Enhanced performance levels
. Modernize the technology space resulting in better projection of the company

. Faster acceptance of products in the market

The scope of the process of migration can span across many domains – like

. Establishment of new process management tools
. Migrating source code to another language
. Updating the architecture of projects to better suit the needs of the hour
. For optimization guided by controlled profiling etc.

At Essel we undertake such diversified migration resulting in cost savings, increased productivity and better quality of products and services and improved customer satisfaction for our clients.

Structuring Migration
The success of the migration process is largely based on how meticulous the planning is. At Essel, we endeavor to create an environment which makes this process smooth by continually engaging the customer and also adopting an iterative model. The core philosophy of the process is to have a non-invasive and iterative approach.

The process of migration starts from an analysis of the current system, because we believe in the maxim that any successful system is built from a simpler system that worked. A cost and benefit assessment helps to study the viability of the transition.

Next an impact analysis is made on how and what are the parameters affected by the transition planned. This would help to structure the migration process so that the affected stakeholders can minimize their surprise elements. Based on the initial study, a roadmap for the iterations planned is drawn up and discussed with the customer.

We have over 9 years of experience in various technology areas. Various technology options can be discussed and analyzed. As an optional service we also offer to engage with the customer to undertake support for the new technology product and also can deliver customized hands on training.

Migration Path
Migration Path Migration Path


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