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Apart from developing applications in its entirety, Essel SWolutions offers it clients application / product maintenance and re-engineering. We believe that an application, however good when it was developed, if not maintained properly becomes archaic. This is mainly due to technological evolution, infrastructure advancement, user requirements, and lot more. No software can survive for so long without maintaining it effectively and judiciously. Maintenance jobs should be treated with equal or more importance than a new application; otherwise the risk of getting the application non-useable is very high.

Essel SWolutions has its own process for carrying out maintenance type of projects. RFP is analyzed and sometimes we propose re-engineering the application for effective maintainability and there by providing the clients with a better ROI. This becomes trivial when we consider the life time of application to be longer. Software maintenance is a necessity due to reasons including and not limited to :

. Avoid software ageing
. Adapt to and leverage the changing hardware infrastructure
. Adapt to and leverage the changing software infrastructure like the OS
. Fulfill the ever changing user requirements
. Fixing of issues that might not have been catered for

Sometimes re-engineering the application will be more worthwhile rather than just maintaining it. Re-engineering can itself be done at different levels, it may be just restructuring the code base, or it may be a complete migration to a different platform. This is advisable in situations like :

. The existing application framework is not extensible
. Application architecture limits us from leveraging the infrastructure (h/w or s/w) advancement
. Support for libraries or tools used in the application has been stopped
. Skilled resources in specific languages and tools become too expensive
. Backend database requirements have changed

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