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This model is for those who would want to explore the unsure waters of off-shoring by having a dedicated offshore setup that is very much a part of their own team. This is best suited for operations of a small to medium scale. In this model we recruit and build the offshore team for the client. This team would be a part of the existing Essel establishment and the client has to bear only a portion of the overheads.

This arrangement is also best suited when the size of operations that you have in mind may not require the establishment of a full-fledged facility in India. Your plans at this time may require only a few dedicated personnel having the skill sets and the experience as desired by you to work on your project exclusively. You may also require that you be able to directly interact with this off-shore team of yours as and when you desire, with the work timings and tools and the environment being set to what you would deem to be best suited for your kind of work.

This is also well suited when the time available from conception to live production is rather lean. Teams can be put together and housed in our off-shore development center within no time at all. This offshore center would enjoy all the tax exemptions and sops that are extended to software exporting establishments based in India. We provide the basic working environment like furnished space, uninterrupted power, internet connectivity etc. Equipment as specified by you can be procured and installed including the provision of a fully secured data center. Basic staffing requirements are taken care of by us whereas the specifics have to be jointly handled. Day to day administration and management is taken care of by us – including compliance with the statutory obligations

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