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The Software Prototype development process works to create a “proof-of-concept” working sample of the proposed SWolution so that the user can actually get a “near-world” feel of what the SWolution is like. This process actually helps in huge savings in cost and time, on the project as a whole. This SWervice is also of relevance to those with new ideas that need to be presented before funding agents, for start-up ventures etc.

Most of the time this process is omitted to avoid the extra cost but sometimes the total cost may exceed due to too many modifications required due to the user lacking clarity about the proposed solution. Changes cost exponentially for implementation as they are detected later in development. The early determination of what the user really wants can result in faster delivery and less expensive software.

A software prototype is an incomplete model of the upcoming full-featured software program, which can be used to provide the users with an idea about how the application is going to be. Prototypes may be created at different functional levels. It may be just a few screen shots or it may be a working application that works in a confined environment.

Our approach to develop a prototype for a sizeable project is usually as follows. First we gather the customer requirements with the maximum possible details and create the requirements specification which is communicated to the customer for any refinement at that level. Then we develop an initial prototype which concentrates mainly on the user interface. This prototype is delivered to the customers for review and we collect feedback from them. Based on the feedback we modify the prototype or sometimes we may modify the specification too to adapt to the requirements of the customer. Based on the revised specification, we create the final prototype and present it to the customer for final review.

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