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This model is an excellent value proposition for those who would like to setup and own their establishments in India without having to experience the rigors and pains of the setting up process. We take ownership of the pains and rigors and once the facility is established and smooth functioning is ensured the ownership is transferred – lock, stock and barrel to our client. Through this model, we help the client set up their Indian business from start to finish.

Upon engagement we start with the creation of an Indian business entity - all statutory aspects of the creation of this new entity is taken into account. Our management experts provide all the options available to the new investor in India from the point of view of taxation, tax planning, repatriation of business proceeds etc. Every minute detail is considered so that the investment remains safe and the best returns are assured in accordance with the current statues and provisions of the law.

Build Operate Transfer Model Chart

A choice of suitable locations are presented to the client along with the pro’s and cons of each location. India, given its vast geographical spread, holds out diverse options in terms of the geographical location of the new facility. Based on the preferences of the customer and based on factors like the industry vertical that the customer is in, the technology considerations, availability of suitable human resources, accessibility, infrastructure availability etc., we help and assist in deciding on the location. Visits to each location is done and a short list of the possible locations is presented to the customer for final choice.

A panel of competent architects, engineering professionals and service experts are available with us – they draw up the blueprint of the facility, provides you with a budget / estimate for the build-out and the fit-out of the facility. Our team works with the customer’s team to get the best and the most out of every unit of money invested by you.

Once the establishment is formed, which includes acquisition of facilities and staff, we actually run it for a defined period. After this live run period, management and ownership is transferred to the customer at a pre-negotiated transfer fee.

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