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As a company that started with a single client and a team of five people, during the first couple of years we literally followed the Extreme Programming principle 'Design is the code and Code is the Design. We were careful enough never to be tempted by the easy cowboy coding style. Just into our second year we started facing difficulties in diverse areas of management; mainly as new people were inducted, when some of the team members left the company etc., even though we had systems for version control and configuration management from very beginning itself. It is at this juncture that we decided that we should transform ourselves into a process driven enterprise.

Essel’s quality system and its processes were all put in place when it was actually required. At Essel our trust in the effectiveness and power of a process driven enterprise is the way of life. But, at the same time we are conscious enough to not build a mammoth that carries with it the burden of the unnecessary overhead of an unaffordable elaborate process.

Our process is tailored out of the essence of two proven methodologies - RUP and the Extreme Programming model. The idea was to marry the agile concepts to suit a comparatively small organization and the richness of an elaborate and proven methodology like the RUP. Being an ISO 9001:2000 certified company continuously for last five years, we always try to be process centric in as many functional areas as possible and also try to improve continuously.

. Process Centric Organization
. Hybrid model – RUP and Extreme Programming
. Avoid the overheads
. ISO 9001:2000 certified

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