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Core Purpose
We at Essel stand firm by our conviction that Indians are second to none in the world - an inheritance that we simply must preserve.
We shall prove our worth by putting our utmost into whatever we do; to provide exceptional value to our customers. In every endeavor we shall work to delight our customers by surpassing their expectations.

Core Values

Customer First
We exist because we have our customers. We prosper when our customers prosper. We shall respond to the changing needs and expectations of our customers with efficiency, speed and courtesy.

Quality Focus
Quality that is superior in nature is the key to delivering exceptional value to our customers. Quality shall be the driving value in everything that we do at our workplace and also in our interaction with our customers and all other stakeholders.

We work in an environment of faith and trust. Transparency and fairness in everything that we do is a key driving factor at our work place; entirely dependent on each individual’s innate sense of honesty and personal honor.

Individual’s dignity
We value the dignity of the individual.
We uphold the right of each individual to express disagreement.
Each individual is expected to respect and acknowledge the time and efforts of others.

Responsible Corporate Citizenship
We shall achieve our business goals without compromising ethical business standards. Our long term goals shall be in alignment with the national goals. We shall contribute in any humble way we can to fulfill our obligations to the society that we are a part of.

In-house Culture

Team-based, as opposed to a hierarchy-based, organization.
Our team-members are our most valuable resource around which the Essel value system is built and for which the processes have been put in place. Team members constitute the teams that are lead by the team leaders whose job is to facilitate their efforts in accomplishing the unit and company goals. In our company team-play is real and has withstood the severest strain without breaking. It is the “Work-Hard and then Play-Harder” culture that we follow here. We have built a work environment where each one of us looks forward to coming back to work the next morning.

No hard and fast rules only policies and guidelines.
It is for this reason each team member is passionate about the work they do at Essel.
The leadership team takes genuine interest in making sure that each team member’s career interests and aspirations are paid attention to. It is in the company's best interest for team members to feel good about the work they're doing, understand how their work fits into the larger framework, and have confidence that the company will provide them with the skills development opportunities to keep pace with the latest.

Our Vision – Year 2015

We have a vision, we passionately own this vision and relentlessly try to drive it to completion.

. To be one among the top 10 software service providers in Kerala state, India.
. To establish client service offices and support centers in all of the 5 continents.
. To meet our obligations to society by contributing at least 10% of what we make (PAT) every year
. to the needy and down trodden of our society. "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by
. what we give" Winston Churchill.


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