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Delivery of services to our clients are modeled to suit the varying comfort levels of the multitude of our clients. For each client the delivery model is tailored to be in line with their strategic reasons for outsourcing to us. We work with our customer to custom build a delivery model that ensures financial returns, risk mitigation, strategic alignment, operational agility, political impact and organizational effectiveness. The following are the basic building blocks out of which we carve out a well sculptured delivery model for each of our clients.

Off-shore delivery model
This is where all the 4 phases of the project life cycle happens at the off-shore location. This model is best suited where the project is well defined and where only little variations (if any) are expected, where the project management capabilities are well established along with clear communication practices and for projects where cost is a major consideration for the client.

Onshore delivery model
This is where our domain specialists and an elite team of professionals move over to the client location and base themselves there for the duration of the project. While this model directly translates to higher cost consideration, it renders a very high level of flexibility and superior project related comfort levels to the client and their project team and stakeholders. This model is best suited where specific resource types are required by the client and where post deployment support is imperative.

Hybrid Delivery
This model is a combination of both the Off-shore and On-shore models where the 4 phases of the project cycle occurs at the client location and at the off-shore location. This is best suited where a project is long term and / or complex in nature and where large portions of the project are well defined and when the requirements are fairly stable and clearly laid out. This model ensures the best application of the client’s internal resources combined with the strengths of the outsourced team. This model also leverages on the cost factor associated with the offshore model. This model if designed thus can ensure 24/7 availability of the project team due to the differences in the time zones.

The Partnership Delivery model
This is another model that we often offer to our clients and is one model that has reaped tremendous benefits for our clients who have chosen this model. This model envisages the creation of a partnership between us and the client. This partnership ensures that there is a dedicated team of professionals working on the projects that come in as a continuous feed from the client. This is the model of preference where the client has very long term projects or needs to set-up an off-shore team as a long term value proposition. Choosing a delivery model and optimizing it to the specific needs and strategies of each client is crucial to the success of ones outsourcing initiative. The delivery model that is tailored to a perfect fit can deliver bounties that include a highly successful and cost effective outsourcing initiative. A rigid, inflexible and ill suited delivery model would mean a needless waste of valuable resources and time. This is why we insist that every client should have a custom fitted delivery model that aligns well with their outsourcing objectives and strategies.

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